Foundation: Kangaroos powerful hind legs and long four toed feet provide a foundation, a springboard, for hopping and leaping. By having kangaroo energy you can review your foundational belief system, adjust and/or accept it to meet current possibilities, and then take a giant leap over the perceived obstacles you thought were blocking your way to achieve your dreams, or, objectives.

Balance: Balance is vital for spiritual, materialistic and emotional growth. The kangaroos muscular feet, legs and long tails keep it in balance so it can hop and leap. What keeps you in balance so you can grow? Visualize the kangaroo to achieve balance in your life.

Instinct: When under attack, kangaroos are incredibly fast, hopping and leaping effortlessly to safety. They move instinctively away from danger to safety. You can learn from the kangaroo to trust your instincts to guide you. Too much analysis of a situation could cause paralysis of action. Trust your instincts to work with your intellect. You know what to do instinctively, trust don’t second guess yourself.

Focus: A kangaroo remains focussed not allowing distractions to steal away their staying cantered and focussed attention.

Change: A kangaroo, or its symbol, coming into your life is a precursor for change and adventure. Trust your instincts, leap into the future without fear, stay focussed, stay balanced, and remember your foundational belief system.

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