Flexibility and Steadfastness: The jaguar has powerful limbs and they can travel for hundreds of miles in search of prey. Its ability to climb with agility, coupled with its long term strength and endurance give those with this energy the ability to attain goals through flexibility and steadfastness.

Leadership: The jaguar has no rivals, unlike many other big cats. No other predator can compete with this powerful cat which combines strength, endurance and flexibility. Jaguars have been even known to attack alligators, which themselves are said to have no predators. Those with this energy make powerful leaders.

Psychic Sight: The jaguar can see very well in the dark with its excellent night vision. It moves fearlessly and this can aid those with this energy to trust their personal instincts and inner guidance system. This enables psychic sight to evolve.

Go Within: A jaguars energy allows and enables you to go within, release your fears, heal your emotions and awaken your inner sight.

Water: A jaguar loves to swim and even hunt in water. Water is associated with emotions and the subconscious mind. A jaguars energy will enable those with this energy to search in the deep waters of the subconscious mind for truth.

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