Skilful Flyer, Cause and Effect, Extract Nectar, Healing, Rainbow, Playful, Independent, Master Architects, Sleep, Joyful, Perception

Skilful Flyer: The tiny hummingbird is the most skilful flyer of all birds. It is the only bird that can fly backwards. It can hover in the air, go forwards, backwards and sideways. It cannot walk at all and flies everywhere.

Cause and Effect: This ability to visit the past, present and future in flight enables one with this energy to explore the past, drawing from the past to enjoy the nectar of the present and giving hope to the future. Acknowledging the past and the future brings with it an understanding of the laws of cause and effect and consequences of thought and action.

Extract Nectar: With their long bills and tongues hummingbirds extract valuable nectar from flowers. Hummingbirds and flowers have a symbiotic survival need from each other. This cause and effect illustrates to those with this energy that to obtain your nectar for survival requires giving and taking.

Healing: The hummingbirds knowledge of how to use flowers to draw the life essence from them and create healing medicines enables one with this energy to use flowers for healing and to win hearts with love.

Rainbow: The iridescent colours of the hummingbird is often associated with the rainbow that follows life-giving rain.

Playful: Hummingbirds are very playful, often playing even in the water they bathe in. They mock fight for exercise and fun.

Independent: Hummingbirds are fiercely independent revelling in their freedom. Only mating keeps them from being alone and free always. Mothers work hard at rearing their young as they receive no help from the father.

Master Architects: Hummingbirds build their homes with diligence and excellent design. Those people with this energy need to create joy in their home possibly by redecorating to bring in new energy into their home.

Sleep: Due to the excessive energy it expends the hummingbird can hibernate overnight to completely rejuvenate itself with energy for the next day’s adventures. Those with this energy need regular deep sleep and rest ensuring they avoid burn out.

Joyful: The hummingbird personifies lightness, joy, bliss and fun loving. However, it is amazingly tough and independent. Hummingbirds can migrate to warmer climates over thousands of miles by eating and storing up food for a few days before its trip. It has huge amounts of stamina and perseverance. Those with this energy can draw upon the hummingbird as a symbol for accomplishing the impossible in joyful living and in love.

Perception: Due to its ability to move in every direction, it sees things from all angles and shows those people with this energy how to expand their perceptions.

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