Freedom, Communication, Power, Travel & Movement, Vision, Loyalty, Burdens

Freedom: The horse, especially the wild mustang, roams free and wild. However, the horse, correctly trained, uses its ability to be free to empower its rider to be unconstrained and to be free. The horse has enabled the constraint of one community to be free by communicating with another. The horses freedom has enabled the world to be reached by those who seek and need to travel.

Communication: The horse has enabled and empowered communication to occur through its ability to convey a rider from one place to another. Today the internet is playing a similar role as a processor of communication. As horses can convey messages of goodwill, knowledge and skill, so they can convey warriors into battle and into communities. So it is with the internet as a medium of communication. It can be used constructively and destructively in delivering the message. The horse and the internet are merely the forms of conveyance not the message.

Power: The horse represents power and stallions represent male sexuality. The mechanical measurement of power is measured in horsepower. The horses power and strength enables boundaries to be crossed and extended. The horses stamina is legendary in being used to create new horizons, for riding, plowing and pulling. Those with horse energy are leaders, carry burdens of others, teaching others.

Travel and Movement: The horses energy is used to extend all boundaries via travel and movement. Those with this energy extend their personal boundaries via self-empowerment and its promise of adventure.

Vision: The horse has a wide field of vision due to the positioning of its eyes, its excellent eyesight and its height off the ground. Those with this energy can broaden their vision, widen their horizons, and become even more intuitive and wise.

Loyalty: The symbiotic bond between a horse and its known rider is one of loyalty, trust and friendship. Those with horses energy are known for their loyalty, trust and friendship.

Burdens: The horse carries the burdens of others and those with this energy are strong enough to carry the burdens of others

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