Integration, Intuition, Beneath the Surface, Stay the Course, Attack, Protective

Integration: The hippo lives both underwater and above water, on land. Being amphibious, they can stay underwater, being able to breathe, without exposing their body. Hippos enable those with this kind of energy to integrate two different worlds of existence.

Intuition: Water is associated with intuitive knowledge and the physical land with practicality and stability. By trusting your intuition, those with hippo energy, should not overanalyze while maintaining a practical grounded life.

Beneath the Surface: Hippo energy enables one to know what lies beneath the surface of any situation. The truth is clearer for them to see as they look past the obvious to what lies beneath the surface.

Stay the Course: The hippo follows the same path when exiting the water. It creates a rut trekking the same path continually. Once you find a path that works for you stick to it to reach your destination.

Attack: When threatened hippos attack. They move with agility through the water and attack with fury.

Protective: The hippos protective role is vital. They protect themselves, their family and their home. They are agile and their large weight provides a lethal weapon for destruction. Those with hippo energy, when provoked sufficiently, are lethal in protecting, defending and attacking their adversary.

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