Balance, Alone, Opportunistic, Inner Wisdom, Personal Rhythm, Emotional

Balance : The heron balances on long thin legs. This balance enables it to progress and evolve. The heron stands on its own. The heron teaches balance.

Alone: The heron is a loner, except in breeding season. Herons follow their own path.

Opportunistic: Herons know how to snatch at opportunities taking advantage of things and events that others are not concerned with.

Inner Wisdom: Herons meditative stance in its aloneness enables it to find inner wisdom and a path of self-determination. It remains focussed with a secure, but flexible, inner foundation.

Personal Rhythm : Understanding your personal rhythm and responding to it will assist in maintaining your heron balance.

Emotional: Herons feet going deep into the water, with water reflecting emotions, gives it a strong emotional nature. This passionate emotional energy is useful to achieve objectives as an opportunistic entity. However, keeping emotions in balance is equally important.

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