54. HAWK

Bigger Picture, Powerful, Family Conscious, Messenger, Integrity

Bigger Picture: The hawk, high in the sky, is seen as a messenger from the Spirit world. The hawk represents the connection to the seen and unseen worlds. The hawk is said to see the Bigger Picture as seen from Spirit. Those with hawk energy see past the obvious and perhaps see the Bigger Picture.

Powerful: The hawks eyesight, flying ability and rapier sharp beak and talons create a powerful killing machine. Those with hawk energy must only use this power for good and not for evil.

Family Conscious: Certain hawks mate for life, both parents caring for their young. Both parents defend their nest against predators.

Messenger: The hawks role as a messenger should be taken seriously when it appears in your life. Become conscious of what is happening around you and look for the underlying truth in the message you have found as identified by the hawks presence. Enable your inner truth to surface.

Integrity: The hawks spiritual connections highlight that you should only choose things and people who resonate with you as you stand in your integrity. Be determined to get rid of that which no longer serves you as you stand in your integrity.

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