Gentle, Intelligent, Hearing, Respect, Conservationists, Clarity

Gentle: The Gorillas size belies its gentleness. They are gentle at heart avoiding violence whenever possible. They beat their chests to intimidate and settle differences. Only upon provocation will they lose their gentle demeanour.

Intelligent: Gorillas are highly intelligent and communicative. They have been taught sign language and even have been known to form simple sentences.

Hearing: Gorillas have acute hearing. Those people who possess the gorillas strength will be good listeners really hearing what people are saying and respond accordingly.

Respect: Gorillas have a great sense of loyalty and show respect to family members and loved ones.

Conservationists: Gorillas will only eat a few leaves from each plant allowing the leaves to replenish quickly.

Clarity: Gorillas have the ability to remain focused, display great strength, patience and clarity of vision. They remain steadfast in each of their quests until it is completed.

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