Mother Goose Influence, Communication, Fidelity, Marital Bed, Migration, Childhood Patterns

Mother Goose Influence : The mother goose stories have been used to entertain, befriend, create imagination and quieten children for many years. These stories from our childhood often create direction in our quest for life throughout adulthood.

Communication: If you communicate through stories, then embodying the goose will assist you. The gooses feather was the standard writing instrument for a long time.

Fidelity : A goose mates for life, seldom seeking another mate if the first mate dies. The annual migration difficulties across countries see the mating pair staying together in fidelity and trust. Both parents raise their young together.

Marital Bed : Goose feathers used in bedding are symbols of fidelity and marital fidelity.

Migration: The annual migration in a V formation allows every goose an unobstructed view of the future ahead. By assisting those behind you, it allows others ahead of you to do the same.

Childhood Patterns : Goslings are very quiet when young, thereafter they break free. You can break free of childhood patterns and travel to faraway places if you embody the goose.

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