Leap of Faith, Entrepreneurial, Inner Voice, Metamorphosis, Sufficiency

Leap of Faith : Grasshoppers jump around in space and time. They only jump up and forward, never backwards. They jump with such assuredness that is seems as if they always know where they are going to land. They listen to their inner voice and take positive leaps of faith upwards or forwards. Although they may not know exactly where they are going to land, they expect to be able to deal with the issues confronting them when and where they land. They take a leap of faith when they know they have to move on. Do you?

Entrepreneurial: Grasshoppers are like entrepreneurs, going where Angels fear to tread! They are not plodding tortoises, they are erratic opportunists. When a grasshopper comes into your space, get the message to take a leap of faith instead of staying where you are.

Inner Voice : Listen to your inner voice, jump when you feel it is right to. Do not hesitate, over analyze and be too cautious. Trust your inner voice without being reckless. Go for it, you will be surprised to find, like the grasshopper, that you can handle your new surroundings and situations.

Metamorphosis: Peaceful, fun grasshoppers, when faced with overcrowding and food shortages, undergo a metamorphosis into dreaded locusts capable of stripping all food sources in minutes. Lying in the sun they turn dark, almost black, to absorb more sunlight for heat and energy to maintain their swarming, resulting in damage and destruction. Do you experience such a change when threatened?

If you, or others, change from peaceful grasshoppers to dreaded locusts then rethink the balances in life. Get your balance back into alignment.

Sufficiency: there is sufficient food for everyone and everything provided respect, trust, and sacredness is conscious. Those who take and use more than they need imbalance nature. There is sufficient if you respect and treasure every resource available to you.

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