49. GOAT

Dogged Determination, Reaching New Heights, Surefootedness, Protective, Balance, Provider

Dogged Determination : The mountain goat has evolved into a masterful animal capable of living in austere conditions on inhospitable terrain. Its ability to climb and descend virtually impassable areas brings with it the ability to achieve its goals through dogged determination.

Reaching New Heights : The ability to find nourishment in virtually inaccessible areas enables the mountain goat to reach new heights and new goals.

Surefootedness: The mountain goat can descend quickly and its surefootedness stems from its ability to trust in its ability to land on its feet no matter how rocky the terrain.

Protective : The mountain goats thick protective coat enables it to withstand severe winter conditions whilst moving forward step by determined step, undeterred by what the external environment is throwing up to hold it back.

Balance: The mountain goat emphasizes the need to maintain and, possibly, regain your balance and your perspective as you go one dogged determined step by step with assuredness of reaching your goal.

Provider: Goats provide a source of milk, cheese, meat, mohair and leather. They are a source of nourishment as well as embodying strength, independence and survival skills. Goats energy allows one to find uncharted and unexplored aspects of oneself.

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