Height, Neck, Communication, Perspective, Action, Balance, Vulnerability

Height: The height of a giraffe enables it to be far sighted, forecasting future events.

Neck: The giraffes neck is its most outstanding feature. The neck is very strong. Using the necks strength to support the blow of its head against an attacker allows a giraffe to use its greatest strength naturally. What is your greatest strength you can use naturally?

Communication: With limited ability to make a noise, a giraffe communicates via its body language. What is your body language saying?

Perspective: Are you seeing what is afraid of you? Are you afraid of what is ahead of you? Are you seeing other peoples perspective? Are you seeing the cause and effect consequences of your thoughts, words, deeds and actions?

Action: A giraffes long legs are used for movement and action. The giraffes legs create balance and the ability to move ahead in balance.

Balance : A giraffe has its head in the clouds and its feet firmly on the ground. You can be a visionary providing your plans are put into action gracefully like a giraffe.

Vulnerability: The giraffe is most vulnerable when it spreads its long legs and lowers its head to drink water. It has to get nutrition from juicy leaves at the top of trees. It has learnt to go without water for several days to reduce its vulnerability. How do you protect yourself from your vulnerability?

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