47. FROG

Water, Pain, Metamorphosis, Mud, Sight, Hearing

Water: Frogs are associated with water and water relates to emotions.

Pain: Frogs appear connected to rain. These new rains can be used for many purposes to cleanse, to heal, to help things grow, to flood, etc.

Metamorphosis: A frog changes from an egg, to a polliwog/tadpole, to a frog. It symbolizes one come into one’s own creative power.

Mud: Living as an amphibian, on land and in water, mud is often its natural habitat. Are you being a stick in the mud? Are you being mired in the mud? Do you need to dive into fresh creative waters?

Sight: A frogs bulging eyes from the side of its head enables it to see in many directions. They have excellent depth of perception.

Hearing: Frogs have a well-developed sense of hearing due to a large disked membrane behind each eye. This external eardrum picks up sound waves and transmits them to the inner ear and then onto the brain. Their excellent sight and hearing give frogs abilities to see well beyond the obvious. Those with frog-like qualities could be clear

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