46. FOX

Camouflage, Tail, Insulate, Trotting, Senses, Monogamous, Home, Survival, Cunning

Camouflage: The foxes coat has colour variations within them. This facilitates their ability to stay camouflaged and remain relatively unseen. Do you need to blend in with your surroundings, to move around unnoticed without revealing your intentions then become fox-like!

Tail: When running the foxes tail is always in a horizontal position away from its body acting as a rudder. This allows it to manoeuvre with abrupt changes and sharp turns. This manoeuvrability of flexibility should be desired for survival and adaptability.

Insulate: The tail also acts as an insulation from the cold for the nose and feet as the foxes long tail is used to wrap itself up. This is useful when required to insulate from cold people or relationships.

Trotting: The fox can trot indefinitely and has incredible stamina. Few animals of a similar size can outrun a fox. By maintaining a trotting pace through life one can maintain an overall good position of health and success.

Senses: Foxes have acute hearing, excellent eyesight and a keen sense of smell. People who are fox-like can have the ability to hear Spirit, to size people up very accurately and the ability to discern and discriminate against.

Monogamous: A foxes sense of smell is a strong sexual stimulant for it. Most foxes only have one partner, they are very monogamous. They live alone for nearly half a year at a time, being comfortable with this solitary state.

Home: The vixens usually search for a den when they are pregnant. If possible they return to that den year after year, increasing its capacity and its comfort.

Survival: Fox cubs are blind and deaf at birth. As the cub grows so its senses develop acutely. If it survives its first year its ingrained in its survival mode. People with fox attributes generally have severe tests in their early years. For a fox to survive is to learn to avoid potential danger. How simple a lesson to follow avoid the potential danger, survive and, hopefully thrive.

Cunning: The fox is part of the canine family but is feline-like in its attributes. It uses all its skills and cunning to survive and thrive. It is agile, skilled and unpredictable. It charms its prey with antics, slyly getting closer and closer while the prey is mesmerized by its leaping around, jumping, rolling and chasing itself. Once within striking distance it will leap and catch its prey off guard. You can capture any prize with the correct plan.

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