43. FISH

Graceful, Silent, Creation, Change, Hidden Areas, Sacred, Nourishment

Graceful: Fish are powerful and graceful swimming in water and riding the currents.

Silent: Under water, fish move effortlessly in silence with grace.

Creation: Water is the primordial life source. Water symbolizes creation, the womb, motherhood and the nurturing, caring, giving nature of mothers and woman.

Change: Water comprises the largest part of the human body. Water is dynamic and constantly in transition, movement and change. The fish surviving in water need to adapt to changing circumstances momentarily. Be like a fish adapt momentarily to changing circumstances in your life.

Hidden Areas : Fish live in water and swim into hidden areas. This brings out your hidden fears and deepest desires.

Sacred: – Fish have been sacred symbols in many religions and forms of worship. By prayer and meditation, you can use the sacredness of fish to nourish your Soul.

Nourishment: Fish have been used since the beginning of time as a food source both in the water, by other predators in the food chain, and extracted out of the water, mainly by man. Fish represent the ultimate in giving, giving of one’s life to nourish and nurture others.

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