Compensate, Disguise, Loyal, Sensitive, Travellers

Compensate: The eye of the flamingo is larger than its brain. Although they see exceptionally well they are not always able to interpret what they see efficiently. Flamingos become reliant on others in the group to assist in interpreting what is actually going on. They live in groups and rely on one another, working with group consciousness rather than individual consciousness and awareness. It is important to compensate for any shortcomings by surrounding yourself with others who can assist you in certain areas and where you can assist them in, possibly, other areas. It is wiser to compensate and share than to struggle on your own if you do not have all the abilities and skills to survive and thrive on your own.

Disguise: Flamingos owe their pink colour to a food substance containing carotene. Without this food substance their feathers turn white. This ability to change colour allows them to be illusionary and have shape-shifting abilities. This ability to create a disguise to avoid potentially harmful consequences is a learnt survival skill.

Loyal: Flamingos have long life spans, are sociable birds and mate for life, loyal to their partners.

Sensitive: Sensitive to loud noises, potential and real unpleasant situations, flamingos flee in their groups at the slightest provocation from unpleasantness. You should also not involve yourself in unpleasantness choosing to leave instead.

Travellers: Flamingos annual migration is among the longest of any creature on earth. For survival reasons they travel at night in large flocks. When confronted with a long journey, either physical or spiritual, use the wisdom of the flamingo to survive and thrive.

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