42. ELK

Regal, Stamina, Same Gender, Companionship, Sentinel, Protector, Vegetarian

Regal : The elk is regal in its stature as it holds its antlers up proudly.

Stamina: The elk has the ability to outrun its predators. It paces itself effectively to survive and thrive. Can you do with some pacing of yourself or do you run at full pace until you drop?

Same Gender : Elk stay with their own gender until rutting (mating) season. Do you need to spend some time with the opposite sex for balance in your life, whether sexual or platonic friendships?

Companionship: Elk congregate and live in herds of the same gender. Do you need to find companionship in your life?

Sentinels: Elk will post sentinels to look out for danger. Have you got early warning signals stationed in your life to warn of impending danger?

Protector: An elk or two will protect the young while others wander off to look for food. If attacked an elk will attempt to protect the young with its sharp hoofs and antlers.

Vegetarian: Elk eat mainly grasses and vegetation. The do not migrate much and with their thick fur they can withstand severe cold conditions. If you have an elk enter your sacred space, perhaps a vegetarian diet for a while will assist any health imbalances you might be experiencing.

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