Strength, Sexual Power, Smell, Teeth, Tusks, Teacher

Strength: The size of the elephant is intimidating and its mass and velocity upon charging an adversary is very intimidating. With this inherent strength, the elephant is greatly feared and itself does not exhibit fear. If you see yourself as a Soul, as part of Spirit and not as a mere physical body then you, like the elephant, do not have to know fear. Who or what can damage your Soul, you part of Spirit, only your body can be damaged not your undamagable Soul or Spirit.

Sexual Power: The elephant embodies strength, power and especially power of the libido. The elephants reliance on its strong sense of smell adds to its symbolism as a sexual symbol.

Smell: The elephants trunk provides its strong sense of smell compensating for its poor eyesight. The sense of smell creates discernment, which could lead to discrimination. Being able to discern and discriminate to perceive good from bad, is a lifesaving and live enhancing attribute for you. Smell acts as a powerful aphrodisiac in the appropriate circumstances. The trunks versatility in being used for drinking, showering, defense, greeting, touching, feeding and smelling allows the elephant part of you to open up to new energies and new horizons beckoning you.

Teeth: Elephants have four teeth, all molars, two in the front and two at the back of their mouth. When the front molars wear down and drop out of their mouth the ones at the back move forward to replace the front molars. New molars emerge at the back. Their replenishment cycle occurs six times throughout the life of an elephant. When the last set wears out, elephants are unable to chew and die of starvation. Your life too is finite so depending what you chew on will determine how pleasurable, nutritious, enjoyable and beneficial your life will be before your life cycle ends, too.

In addition, teeth are symbolic of receivers and transmitters of energy throughout your body. What you chew on will determine how you use your energy.

Tusks: Tusks are used for defense, attacks and for digging up roots. Tusks can represent your search for truth, evaluation, healing and growth.

Teacher: The elephant is a teacher of compassion, loyalty, strength, intelligence, discernment, power, strength, confidence, patience, intuition, grace, and many other virtues.

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