Spiritual, Feathers, Nobility, Focus, Power, Family Conscious, Opportunistic, Patient, Space, Bigger Picture, Fearlessness

Spiritual: The eagles ability to fly and remain high in the sky, swooping down to earth to obtain and retrieve food and returning to being high in the sky creates an impression of being messengers from heaven. If you have eagle energy you can bring yourself and others, into the Light from the darkness.

Feathers: The eagles feathers are highly prized and sacred to Native Americans. They are used for healing, cleansing and shapeshifting.

Nobility: Eagles are greatly admired for their gracefulness, predator instincts, speed of assault, vision, hearing, sacred messenger status, and nobility in gracing the sky.

Focus: Eagles have focus, determination and the ability to fully execute their plan with positiveness and presence.

Power: The eagle has great power and, in hurtling down from the sky with a mass of 10 pounds, creates a powerful impact of energy in striking its prey.

Family Conscious : Eagles mate for life. The male is very attentive on the female and on their young. There is co-operation responsibility.

Opportunistic: With its great auditory and visual skills, its powerful presence, Eagles often steal food from other birds.

Patient: Eagles are incredibly patient awaiting their opportunity to strike. Those with this energy should know everything is possible.

Clarity: With its great vision, focus and determination, the eagle can give you clarity of decision-making and taking action.

Space: People with eagle energy need space to spread their wings as they generally have high ideals to impart to others.

Bigger Picture : Those with eagle energy will be able to see the bigger picture of their lives on earth, when viewed, like an eagle, from the sky.

Fearlessness: The eagle encourages you to know no fear, especially when acknowledging your past.

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