39. DUCK

Emotions, Flighty, Colours, Gentle, Hiding Away

Emotions: Water reflects emotions. Taking something on like a duck to water implies strong emotional issues arising. True emotional strength can only come from within. Ducks learn to swim within 48 hours of birth. They are thrown into the chaos of life. However, they sit on top of the water not totally submerged by it so you can control your emotions by becoming better balanced.

Flighty: Ducks pair off and mate for only one season. If a duck comes into your life as a relationship issue message then learning not to take flight and spread your wings could be a major challenge to you. Become aware that in the past you may have become restless in a relationship. Do you want to duck out of your present relationship?

Colours: Ducks come in a variety of colours and plumage. Iridescent colours are flighty, trying to balance reality with imagination. Bold colours are solid implying strength and perseverance. These emotions are brought about by colours of the duck.

Gentle: Ducks on water are graceful and gentle reminding you to be gentle with yourself as you heal, learn and grow towards enlightenment.

Hiding Away: Once a year the male duck loses his bright plumage and loses the ability to fly. He silently hides away in the reeds and plants until he is able to fly again. This ability to hide away and go within during difficult, threatening and stressful times becomes a lifesaver!

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