Manoeuvrability, Vision, Light, Change, Nourishment

Manoeuvrability: A dragonfly can twist, turn, change direction instantaneously, they can hover, fly backwards, move up and down. No bird or insect can come close to the manoeuvrability of the dragonfly. This is the skill of a high order. A dragonfly’s proven expertise is relentless. If a dragonfly enters your space it comes with a message to become skilful relentlessly.

Vision: A dragonfly awakens true vision and dispels illusion. Their continual manoeuvrable flight path forces you to adapt to change continually.

Light: A dragonfly reflects and refracts light and colours. It creates the illusion and shows you what is illusion and what is reality. A dragonfly shows you that you are creating your own illusion and your own reality.

Change: By initially living on the bottom of ponds and streams, as newly hatched nymphs, they mature and they go direct to living in the air. Water is emotion and air is mental so the dragonfly reminds you to balance your thoughts and your emotions.

Nourishment: The need for nourishment is shown by the dragonfly as it hovers and dips into water very often. This nourishment reminder is for yourselves as well as others, including other parts of nature, in your care and responsibility.

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