Love, Maternal, Voice, Past Trauma, Good Fortune

Love : The dove is monogamous, ever faithful and very loving to its mate. Doves express these gifts of romantic love by running their beaks through each other’s feathers. The male feeds choice titbits to the female in this enduring love relationship. For you to find and express romantic love, loyalty, peace and innocence look to the dove for inspiration.

Maternal: Doves embody maternal instincts. Doves brood consists of two eggs. These represent creative and feminine energies. The dove symbolizes home, family and love. Who amongst you would not want to be like a dove, having a wonderful marriage, romantic love continually, a family in love, peace, innocence and harmony.

Voice: The doves song is its symbol of its inherent happiness. Sing when you are happy and lift your Spirit even higher.

Past Trauma: Doves love, peace and harmony enables you to stay in the now surrounded by this bliss but gives you permission to acknowledge and clear out any past trauma while securely staying present in love and harmony. Try humming while releasing past trauma.

Good Fortune: Once your past trauma has been cleansed away from your thoughts, words, feelings and memories, dove holds promise through its healing of good fortune in the harmony of love.

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