34. DOG

Unconditional Love, Transference, Intelligent, Acute Senses,

Mirror, Loyalty, Protector

Unconditional Love: A dog gives unconditional love not requiring anything in return. Dogs are very forgiving, fiercely loyal and faithful. They protect man and serve man selflessly. If a dog enters your life it is a reminder to you to show the qualities a dog has to yourself, your relationship partner (if you have one), family and friends.

Transference: Due to a dogs unconditional love for its master it is possible that a dog will take on hardships such as illness in lieu of its master contracting such hardship. This transference does occur, on occasion, and when it does it portrays unconditional love.

Intelligent: Certain breeds of dogs are highly intelligent and trainable to serve man, especially in dangerous situations.

Acute Senses: Dogs can sense subtle energy frequency changes and forewarn man of something about to happen. If a dog becomes your early warning signal, perhaps you need to identify the storm warnings you are allowing into your space.

Mirror: Dogs often mirror the behaviour and personality of their owners. By observing the dogs behaviour you can learn and improve on things about yourself.

Loyalty: Dogs loyalty to its owners is predigeneous. If your dog goes walkabout look at your behaviour and those around you to mirror possible disloyalty. If a dog enters your life it is mirroring your need for companionship. However, with a dog as a friend, with their unconditional love, humans often come a poor second!

Protector: A dog will warn you about possible danger and will fiercely protect you with its own life, if need be.

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