Intelligent, Breath, Water, Sound, Communication,

Co-operation, Unconditional Love

Intelligent: Dolphins, mammals of the sea, with their large head and brain, are considered to be the most intelligent animal/mammal on earth. Dolphins other qualities, such as joyfulness, unconditional love and community spirit make one realize that their intelligence and their numerous other wonderful qualities should be what humans on the planet should desire to emulate for their growth into increased consciousness and awareness of Who They Really Are.

Breath: Breath creates life on earth. The dolphins breath control, its rhythm of breathing and balance created by breathing is the basis of healing most ills. Release emotional tension by breathing out fully, then breathe to inhale and exhale in a rhythm of equal energy to ensure emotional balance while ensuring balance in your life. Breathing techniques allow you to be transported and linked to altered states of consciousness. The dolphins breath control takes you on that path.

Water: Water signifies emotions, creation, passion and sexuality. New creations and reaching new dimensions flow from water. Water is essential to life on earth. As a mammal, the dolphin chose the sea to live in. When you return to water this will help you with your emotional balance.

Sound: Dolphins use sonar ability and make a series of clicking sounds. This sound reverberating in water enables the dolphin to get sonar feedback. Sound is a creative life force. By using your inner sounds to direct you will enable you to manifest your outer experiences. Unspoken prayer is such an inner sound. Dolphins also use sound as a warning device to themselves and others of looming dangers.

Communication: In addition to its verbal sound, dolphins non-verbal communication skills are profound. Their unbounded joy, playful nature, lack of inhibitions, their seeming ability to smile and be friendly, their ability to touch and caress each other with their flippers as well as touch belly to belly, their apparent ability to warn humans in the sea of impending danger, all make dolphins masters at the act of non-verbal communication. Their balance, their friendliness, unconditional love and healing, their playfulness, ability to be acrobatic and swift, in and out of the water, all show humans wonderful traits to imitate.

Co-operation: Dolphins live in groups of up to 100 individuals. A female dolphin gives birth to a single baby dolphin, however, she is attended to by several dolphins who surround her and assist her with the birth in a midwife capacity, when required. They will pull the baby out by its tail whilst protecting it from harm. Dolphins care for their sick or injured group members by lifting them to the surface to breathe. Dolphins co-operate with each other, while fishing and feeding with each other playfully in joyful harmony with other dolphins and their environment.

Unconditional Love: Dolphins exude unconditional love giving all who witness them the message that life is love. They are emotionally in harmony and balance, love and trust with themselves and their environment. Dolphins offer you the opportunity to return to the depths of your being Who You Really Are and become the Unconditional love that you are in Spirit, on earth by learning to TRUST To Release Unto Spirit Totally. Dolphins are truly Natures gift of a mirror to humans to be the best that they can be.

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