33. DEER

Gentleness, Alertness, Adaptable, Attunement,

Growth, Protecting, Sensitivity, Peacefulness

Gentleness: A deer symbolizes gracefulness and gentleness. When a deer enters your space it is a reminder to be gentle with yourself. A new doe-eyed innocence and freshness is soon to appear in your life. By expressing gentle love towards yourself and others new opportunities will emerge.

Alertness: Always on the alert for danger a deer can depart swiftly yet gracefully. When it’s time for you to leave due to imminent danger do it swiftly but do not lose your grace because it serves you well.

Adaptable: Members of the deer family have adapted to every continent, except Australia.

Attunement: The males antlers symbolize antennae connecting to intuitive higher forms of attunement. Trust your intuition.

Growth: The antlers are shed annually growing back stronger, with more points, for five years. This implies your new growth over five years gently incrementally increasing in strength.

Protecting: Newly born fawns stay with their mothers for up to a year for does and a few months for young bucks. This shows that a healthy strong connection between a parent and a child is required before outside influences should be allowed into the child’s life.

Sensitivity: A deer has acute senses creating its alertness. These senses enable it to detect subtle changes of movement and appearance. This should enable you to develop your non-verbal communication as well as hearing subtle messages which may be inherently implied rather than directly expressed.

Peacefulness: Deer display an innate sense of peacefulness and this should enable you to find peace in others and acceptance of who, what and why they are like they are. When tempted to force people to change, to suit you, think of the deer, peaceful and alert, and approach the person with deer-like grace, acceptance and love.

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