Voice, Hearing, Change, Going Below, Elimination, Balance

Voice : The sound of the cuckoo has given it its name in most languages. This sound heralds new fate.

Hearing: To those who listen to the cuckoo also listen to what is being said and what is being left unsaid. Trust your intuition.

Change: In Europe, a cuckoo will not build its own nest. It slips its eggs into nests where the eggs are already similar to its own. A cuckoo represents a change in the home or family. A husband who is cuckolded has had his place with his wife usurped by another less scrupulous person.

Going Below: The cuckoo is one of the few birds who will eat the fuzzy hairy caterpillar. It is prepared to go below the exterior to find the real thing/person below the unattractive exterior.

Elimination: By eating the very destructive caterpillar it illustrates its ability to eat what is eating you. This avoids you being a victim and you can enjoy and experience a new life.

Balance: The cuckoo is a slow and deliberate bird. It balances with its feet which have two front toes and two toes in the back. This give it balance and keeps it sturdy. This balance and stability enables the cuckoo to take its time as it deliberately allows the flow of life to unfold.

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