Sound, Ingenuity, Weather Barometers, Avoidance

Sound: The crickets chirp is loudest during mating season and is known as natures musicians. They make their chirping sound by rubbing their two front legs together.

Ingenuity: The tree cricket in Africa amplifies its sound substantially by chewing a pear shaped hole in a leaf and sticking its head through this hole. The remainder of the leaf bends around its head like a megaphone. By pressing its rubbing front legs against the leaf, the chirping sound is magnified substantially as it seeks its mate.

Weather Barometers : Crickets are cold-blooded. Rising heat increases its metabolism and behaviour speeds up an increasing chirping sound as they heat up. When the crickets stop chirping it usually a warning of an impending storm. Can you tell in advance when you have a storm about to break in your personal life?

Avoidance: Crickets, with springy hind legs, can avoid unpleasantness and jump to avoid such unpleasantness. The cricket then lands in a seemingly more pleasant place. By acting cricket-like you can avoid unpleasantness learning to have faith and trust in your intuition, knowing when to jump out of a situation.

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