Intelligent, Observation, Voice, Adaptable, Thievery, Magical, Change, No Time

Intelligent: Crows display strong intelligence, outwitting most others in the animal kingdom, sometimes including humans.

Observation: Crows have very powerful powers of observation. They build their nests high up in the tree tops and post a sentinel to have extra protection. They observe the entire area which they live in, feed and defend themselves in.

Voice: The crows caw enables it to communicate different messages, each with its own meaning. Its warning caw alerts all animals of impending danger.

Adaptable : The crows intelligence enables it to adapt to its environment. They can adapt to becoming pets for humans, easily trainable they have the ability to count and communicate with their owners. Their adaptability aids their survival instinct as they are omnivorous eating almost anything.

Thievery: Their intelligence, powers of observation, adaptability enables them to be accomplished thieves and opportunists robbing food from other birds as well as taking food supplies from humans.

Magical: Crows, being black and dark blue in colour, have a mythology going back thousands of years, steeped in magical ways. They are symbols of creation and spiritual strength. They symbolize creating new opportunities and manifest the magic of life.

Change: Crows are shapeshifters. They are known as the keepers of sacred laws and they know how to bend the law for their own needs. The crow is the master of illusion as well as being magical. A crow signifies change. Get out of your familiar nest, look beyond your current vision. Its notifying you to find your balance, speak your truth and to walk your talk. The past is your teacher, the present is your creation and the future is your inspiration.

No Time: A crow lives in the now by being conscious that the past and the future only exist now. Your opportunity to grasp is now.

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