Focus, Opportunities, Abundance, Voice, Without Limits

Focus: A female crane lays two eggs but usually only raises one. When a crane stands in water it is motionless. Its total focus is on its feet awaiting to locate food by subtle water changes. By giving undivided attention and focus to your task at hand you can emulate the crane. When a crane take off it looks to run into the wind to get balanced, stay centered and focused.

Opportunities : A crane may be telling you that there are opportunities in your backyard instead of you wanting to go where the grass is greener somewhere else.

Abundance: The crane has been revered in many ancient cultures for its justice, focus, longevity, and the abundance it brings. It symbolizes good fortune and abundant blessings of health, emotional stability, mental clarity and the possibility of spiritual awakening.

Voice: It has a long, harsh, penetrating, whooping call audible from a long way off. This should teach you to speak your truth in a loud, audible way and express yourself fully when the need arises.

Without Limits: The crane soars into the sky with apparently no limits. If you allow your Spirit to soar you can emulate the crane. The crane stretches forward with its neck and head outstretched while its legs and feet are stretched out backwards. The crane is stretching into tomorrow while holding onto yesterday. Wisdom from learning from its past and seeking the future with assuredness of knowing its past.

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