28. CRAB

Protective, Survival, Empowering, Unexpected, Refuse Eaters, Deceivers,

Protective: A crab has the ability to protect itself by going inside its shell. Do you?

Survival: The crab uses all its senses to survive. Its body movements as well as its excellent sight, smell, taste and hearing come to its aid as it determinedly reaches its extended destination. Its aggressive, dogged intentions coupled with its ability to move quickly sideways to confuse predators as well as burrow into sand to avoid trouble makes it a survivor of note. In addition it protects itself with its shell and uses the water as its protection to survive.

Empowering: Its survival instincts empower one to expand ones abilities to survive and charge ones perceptions about reality, showing new possibilities as one moves sideways, scamper away, dig down there is more than one way to survive.

Unexpected : The crab does the unexpected. You can use all your senses, do unexpected things, expect unexpected things to occur. Like the crab be light on your feet, avoiding danger and grasping news opportunities.

Refuse Eaters: The Crab eats what others leave behind, it values what others discard. Perhaps you should relook at what you have discarded to see if you missed anything valuable to you and your growth.

Deceivers: Crabs attempt to disguise or camouflage themselves to get prey and to avoid predators. Is your life one of deception by you or are others deceiving you?

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