27. COW

Motherhood, Nourishment, Provider, Compassion, Service

Motherhood: Milk producing cows represent motherhood in their love, fertility and nourishment. Cows bunch together in sheltered spots to face weather storms together as mothers seek out other mothers in troubling times of their life. Cows stand stoically together and get through the difficult times. Cows have instinctive knowledge and perception. They can sense danger and opportunity in the wind. Cows display compassion, are reliable and dependable like all good mothers.

Nourishment: Cows provide life-giving nourishment by providing milk. This milk is processed into numerous other foods.

Provider The continual provision of milk for many years as well as the sacrifice of giving its body for meat, skin for shelter and clothing and other parts of its body for numerous other uses makes the cow and excellent provider. Are you being reminded of your abilities to provide?

Compassion : The eyes of a cow seem to look through those who look into its eyes. The cows eyes reflect compassion and caring. A cow teaches you about nurturing yourself and others as well as honouring all those in your life, including yourself.

Service: A cow services with its milk and body, unselfishly giving all it has willingly with kindness and compassion. What a wonderful symbol for motherhood!

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