Survival, Cunning, Family Conscious, Balance,

Co-Operation, Wisdom, Primal, Fool

Survival: The coyote survives and thrives even though humans consciously try to eradicate it.

Cunning : The coyotes survival is based on cunningness and adaptability to any situation.

Family Conscious: Coyotes usually mate for life. Both parents teaching their young to hunt. The father is conscientious in protecting and feeding the mother through pregnancy, feeding, protecting and assisting in rearing the young. In the absence of the mother the father steps in.

Balance: The coyote shows the balance of being fun loving, joking around while using wisdom to survive and thrive.

Co-Operation : Coyotes will co-operate with each other, in relays, in tracking prey, allowing each other to rest.

Wisdom : The coyote provides hidden wisdom allowing it to take short cuts whilst others do the work for it. However, the coyote achieves its objective pulling rabbits out of hats sometimes achieving the impossible. Its strong survival instinct is developed by continually being hunted. It has learnt to land on its feet and this has developed its cunningness and its wisdom.

Primal: It’s how reminds us of our connections to primal behaviour.

Fool : The coyote is associated with a fools folly and trickery. This mirrors your potential to be clever or silly to take life less seriously.

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