ommunication, Self-Confident, Spiritual, Magical, Survival

Communication: The cockatoo, a member of the parrot family, uses its beautiful crest which crowns its head, to signal intentions to others in its flock. Various messages have different actions and the cockatoo is articulate in sending the correct signals. This is a wonderful trait to develop as a human.

Self – Confident: By holding its crest majestically the cockatoo imparts an air of self-confidence and self-pride.

Spiritual: The cockatoos colourful crest covers a bald spot on its crown. This bald spot on its crown chakra provides a connection to Spirit. Those with spiritual consciousness can look to the cockatoo for inspiration.

Magical : Cockatoos are intelligent using their skills and balance to be acrobatic. They are affectionate while being ingenious in unearthing unpredictable tricks. They teach well if the student observes well.

Survival: Their high intelligence level, ingenuity and acrobatic skills enable them to escape danger by flying away or remain still as to go unnoticed by a predator.

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