108. WHALE

Creation, Breath, Knowledge, Song, Sound

Creation: The Whale, which is the largest mammal, is mystically seen as a creator and a resurrection of life, as illustrated by the biblical story of Jonah and the Whale. Those with Whale energy are creative and life- giving.

Breath: A Whale knows how to conserve oxygen. It inhales by decreasing the blood flow to non-essential areas when it is underwater. It is a conserver of energy and knows how to control its needs.

Knowledge: A Whale symbolises the repository of knowledge and wisdom as it has been thought to come from another unknowable place where knowledge abounds.

Song: The Humpback male Whale sings a wonderful changing song during mating season. Those with Whale energy can elevate themselves via song.

Sound: A Whale uses its sonar or echo locators to hear sound and those with Whale energy enjoy feedback for course correction in their life.

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