109. WOLF

Balance, Confidence, Discrimination, Govemonship, Intelligence, Loyalty, Teaching

Balance: A Wolf is both a loner and a pack animal. It has freedom, but is fiercely loyal to family and pack.

Confidence: A Wolf usually avoids aggressive behaviour but it has the self-confidence to know that it can acquit itself very well if it has to fight.

Discrimination: Using its strong senses of smell and hearing, a Wolf will know instinctively where it should or should not be.

Govemonship: Each Wolf pack has an alpha male and an alpha female, but democracy within the pack is also discernible. The ability to combine strong leadership in a democratic manner makes the Wolf pack an example for all human groups to emulate.

Intelligence: A Wolf is highly intelligent and because of its stealth communicates non-verbally through identifiable body language to its pack. A Wolf is also vocal when stealth is not required, howling specific messages to its pack.

Loyalty: A Wolf mates for life and is very family conscious. The pack substitutes for any missing parent, and adopts the pups if required to do so.

Teaching: The Wolf travels far and wide on its solitary missions, collecting intelligence, knowledge and wisdom and returning to share this with the pack.

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