107. WASP

Changeability, Independence, Geometric, Impatience, Rage, Vengeful

Changeability: There are solitary Wasps and communal Wasps. If a Wasp shows up in one’s life, it is unpredictable how it will act. It could go any way and caution is the watchword when Wasp people are around.

Independence: A Solitary Wasp is independent, far thinking and pioneering. People with this energy are innovative without regard for authority, rules or regulations.

Geometric: A Wasp builds intricate nests with a kind of paper which it creates by chewing wood and plant fibres. The angles and construction of these nests is complex and those with this energy are usually gifted in geometry and design.

Impatience: A Solitary Wasp has little patience and will attack with a vengeance.

Rage: A Wasp can suddenly fly into a rage and attack whether provoked or not.

Vengeful: A Wasp, unlike a bee, does not lose its sting and can be vengeful in repeated attacks on its target.

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