Digestion, Disposer, Patience, Power, Reputation, Trust

Digestion: Understandably, a Vulture has a unique digestive system with a well-developed resistance to botulism. This alludes to having a “strong stomach” for the unpleasant, but necessary, issues of life.

Disposer: A Vulture serves an essential function in nature as a disposer of corpses, ensuring that the spread of bacteria is contained as these corpses are above ground. People with Vulture energy are those essential people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty to solve a problem.

Patience: A Vulture has the patience to find a kill and to wait for the attacker to leave.

Power: A Vulture flies without much need to flap its wings, using thermal and wind-born updrafts and currents to glide effortlessly for hours, hunting for its next meal.

Reputation: The Vulture has a poor reputation with humans but is misunderstood, as its role is a vital one in the balance of nature.

Trust: A Vulture does not have the ability to tear or grasp live prey, as they have weak feet and short talons. They have trust that through their very good sense of sight and smell, they will find the remains of the kills of others.

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