Ancient, Babies, Longevity, Opportunistic, Survival, Time, Going Within

Ancient: The Turtle is the most ancient of vertebrate animals. Its ability to be a shore creature using both land and water symbolises heaven and earth and it is seen as the doorkeeper of this junction.

Babies: The female Turtle lays eggs deep in the sand to enable the sun to warm the eggs. Upon birth the baby Turtles instinctively know to return to the water if they want to survive their predators. This implies strong self-survival skills.

Longevity: The Turtle moves slowly and languidly and has a slow metabolism which aids its longevity.

Opportunistic: Turtles are omnivorous, eating amphibians, fish, insects, plants and other fuel they come across in their opportune eating manner.

Survival: The Turtle has strong hearing and can feel the vibration of the water. It has a sense of smell which aids its survival skills and strategies.

Time: The Turtle always seems unhurried and has plenty of time to do what needs to be done. This is important for those who dissipate their energy through poor time management.

Going Within: Turtles can go within their shells for protection, enabling those with this energy to go within to develop their inner beings.

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