Adaptability, Fertility, Giving, Sharing, Usefulness

Adaptability: Turkeys grow intensely strong in the wild, preferring forested areas. They are prized for their meat and once upon a time were nearly wiped out. Their regeneration has been fostered by man and now Turkeys are plentiful.

Fertility: The male Turkey will keep several hens and on occasion all the eggs will be in one nest.

Giving: The traditional Thanksgiving Turkey symbolises giving as well as renewal, as this holiday perpetuates the Turkey’s willingness to give.

Sharing: Turkey hens share a nest to protect their eggs from the male Turkey. Turkeys will roost together at night, perched in trees for added protection.

Usefulness: Almost every part of the Turkey can be used by man. Flesh for eating, feathers for decoration and bones to make whistles.

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