Ancient, Carrying, Inner Strength, Patience, Self-Reliance

Ancient: The Tortoise is one of the most ancient and adaptable of animals. It’s slow, ponderous pace, vegetarian diet and ability to withdraw into its shell for protection all aid its survival and longevity.

Carrying: Its heavy legs and strong shell enable it to carry heavy loads. This energy is found in people carrying burdens for others.

Inner Strength: The Tortoise’s ability to withdraw within its protective shell gives those with this energy the ability to go within and develop inner strength.

Patience: The nature and persistence of a tortoise are its hallmark qualities. Everything worth having needs to be created, nurtured and developed slowly and surely to create the foundations to withstand life’s challenges.

Self-Reliance: The Tortoise is self-reliant and self-determined as it plods its way to its destination, carrying its home with it always.

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