101. SWAN

Beauty, Bridging, Grace, Longevity, Mating, Power, Wings

Beauty: The beauty of the Swan in folklore often portends to something tragic happening to those on whom this beauty was bestowed. The lesson here is to be aware of the life-changing power that occurs when beauty is prized and easily obtained. If one has such beauty it must not be abused and only used for the betterment of all.

Bridging: The graceful long neck of the Swan connects the head, or upper realms, with the body, or lower realms. The inner beauty that we all possess can be released and it will outshine the outer beauty that only a few possess.

Grace: The gracefulness of the Swan enables those with this energy to carry a graceful presence with them. Grace is highly prized and is a magnet to attract others to this inner beauty which it portrays.

Longevity: A Swan can live until the age of 80 and its serenity contributes to its longevity.

Mating: Swans mate for life and are devoted parents to their young.

Power: While known for its gracefulness, serenity and beauty, a Swan is a very powerful bird. The strength in the beating of its wings can break the bones of man and other predators and its bite is very strong and powerful as well.

Wings: With its long wings and wing span a Swan is amongst the fastest fliers. The slow beating of its wings enables it to endure in the V formation formed by Swans for many miles. This connection to great heights and its gracefulness in water allows those with this energy to know both the higher realms and the earth.

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