6. Who Is Your Moses

The biblical story of “Passover”, the rescue of the slaves from bondage in Egypt and the journey to the “Promised Land” required Moses to be their facilitator and lead their escape and their journey toward the “Promised Land”.

When you are born, you arrive as a Soul now with a body attached. You are always a Soul. On this visit to the earth plane your Soul brought along a body. Too many of you think you are bodies with occasional glimpses, if any, of Soul.

Nothing is further from the truth.

You are Souls, always, and all ways. On the earth plane your Soul has a body to experience the physical. In most cases the bodies you arrive with are healthy, potentially strong and “perfect”. What you do with those bodies by the time your Souls depart the earth is your choice.

Sometimes that choice appears to be not yours but what others do to you. Every choice is yours – but soul contracts are for discussion at another time. Please accept the fact for now that you choose what happens to you. You choose what happens to your body.

Soon after you enter the earth plane you have a duality – Soul and Ego. Soul is love and Ego comes from fear. A balance is required between Soul and Ego, between love and fear.

Far too much Soul and you are a “pain” to be around! Far too much Soul and you might as well go back to Spirit where you are 100% Soul always and all ways.

Far too much Ego and you are insufferable. Who wants to be with a self-opinionated, overbearing boor, who is so superior, so perfect, such an expert on everything – while deep down is so insecure? No thanks!

A balance between coming from love and being a real person with feelings, emotions, desires, ambition in healthy doses, proud without being obsessive, giving, generous, supportive, kind. The best friend you always wanted to have – you can be – to yourself and to others in your relationships.

The problem comes when your Ego leads you astray, when your Ego imbalances you and your Soul is left stranded. When I dominates and you/we/us diminishes in importance. When I need this, I’m going to take what I want, who I want, when I want it, how I want it, where I want it.

When obsessiveness leads to imbalance, ego takes over. This can also occur when people becoming obsessively “soulful” or “religious”. Ego has made them superior; they are the experts on the soul’s journey or what God wants to happen. The ego has cleverly tried to disguise its obsessive ambitions behind “soulfulness” or religious dogma.

Ego is much easier recognized when it comes to addictive behavior, immoral behavior, greed, power, abuse and other obsessive creations.

When ego says “come with me I will offer you unlimited pleasure with no responsibilities, power to control and manipulate others, the ability to damage people and not have to deal with the consequences”. The ego gives you license to break societies rules whether it be with too much alcohol, narcotics, marital infidelities, financial power over others, abusive behavior etc. then ego has you in its power.

Now ego is driving and you are in the backseat. Ego has become the master – you have become the slave.

You have no foundation stones; you are spinning out of control. Ego gives you more and more of what turns you on, you cannot stop, you are well out of balance. Your soul is a distant memory – coming from love all but forgotten.

When you are spinning out of control all you can be is “an accident looking for a place to happen”. If you are lucky you will crash into something, which if it does not kill you, could bring you back to your senses – with a crashing bump. If you do not crash into something you will spin out of control into oblivion – and a sigh of relief will be heard from those left behind.

When, and if, you are lucky enough to crash into something there will be consequences to pay. Pay them willingly – you are still on the earth plane where you can attempt to redeem yourself – to begin redressing your imbalance.

After the crash look around, see who is there to help you get your balance back. Who is there to help you find the love your soul wants to give? Who is helping you escape from your self-imposed slavery to ego and who wants to help you to your “Promised Land”?

This Promised Land is where Soul lives, where self love flows unconditionally. Where you are not judged by what you allowed your Ego to do, but where your Soul is seen for what it is. Undamageable, untarnishable, undiminishable, remaining pure love. After all it is part of God and how could you possibly damage God. Your soul is pure love coming from love’s own Source – God. Can you recognize who You really are? You are love, you are part of God. God is love. You are part of God. You are love.

Now you can understand what your ego did to you. You can have compassion for yourself. Not self pity, but compassion for seeing it was your ego running amok – not the real You. You can have empathy for yourself – understanding and compassion. You can forgive yourself. Your Soul is always love. Love is forgiveness always and all ways.

You are your own Moses – bringing yourself out of slavery of your ego desires to the “Promised Land” of unconditional self-love.

When you come from love by thinking, saying, doing – “What Would Love do Now?” -you become your own Moses, your own facilitator, your own leader, your own healer.

MOSESMake Our Search Ego (or) Soul

You choose – Ego or Soul – Fear or Love.

After all, you are your own Moses now – in every present moment of Now – you choose whether you want to be Ego or Soul?

Whether you want to think, say and do:

“What would Ego do Now?”


“What would Love do Now?”

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