5. Mood Swings In a Relationship

Mood swings in any relationship are normal. No one is in a perfectly good mood all the time. No one can be expected to always be happy. Things happen that affect you – you react, you respond – that is normal. Life’s events affect your attitude, your perception and your reaction. You express your attitude, perception and reaction verbally and through unspoken actions.

Mood swings are an expression of your attitude!

When something pleasant happens to you – you smile, laugh and express happiness.

Something unpleasant – you frown, get angry, possibly cry and express unhappiness.

While external factors have an impact on your mood – and you may not have learnt (or applied) ways to protect and insulate yourself – these external factors are bound to affect your moods – positively or negatively.

Whatever happens to you, it’s your reaction to the situation or the stimuli, resulting thoughts about yourself, or someone else, or something else that will affect your attitude, your mood – positively or negatively.

You are, after all, only human!

And, emotions are one of the ways you are able to express yourself.

Mood swings, based on your inner feelings and emotions, are acceptable providing they are not used to control or manipulate others – mood swings motivated by Ego.

If these mood swings are based on Ego, unhappiness will result!

If these mood swings are based on your Soul’s purpose then happiness is the outcome!

And, all parties will benefit!

How do you come from Soul and have acceptable mood swings?

Determine your true intentions.

Do you really want to be inclusive – benefiting all parties?

Or exclusive – benefiting only you at the expense of others?

Coming from Ego is exclusive!

Coming from Soul is inclusive!

Do you really want to insulate yourself from your mood swings?

What would you be prepared to sacrifice to be in a “great” mood all the time – your Ego?

Would you afford yourself the opportunity to learn how to insulate yourself?

Then see yourself as a tree.

A big, healthy tree full of leaves, blossoms, with fruit hanging off its many branches.

A big tree in proud abundance!

You – the tree – are fortunate to experience many seasonal cycles.

You bear witness to the changing seasons,

their effect on the tree akin to your ever-changing moods.

When the tree re-awakens from its slumber toward the end of a stark winter

and young leaves and buds begin to re-appear on its branches,

the tree gives life to an abundance of life forms nature has created to depend on

the tree’s budding presence.

As the tree bursts into full bloom, new creatures arrive to receive life from the tree – Oxygen, food, shelter, reproduction in the eternal circle of life.

With the coming of autumn, golden leaves provide a visual splendor and, in time, they fall to the ground to provide life to all manner of earth’s inhabitants, while also enriching the soil – with life.

When winter returns the bark strips off to join the dead branches on the ground.

O what a feast for crawling creatures – life giving support.

And so the cycle repeats itself – different seasons, different moods, enable different beneficiaries to obtain life.

The tree does not determine who benefits from its abundance when the seasons change.

The tree – as life – simply gives to life!

The tree stands, as a willing participant, always giving of itself to enable others to live

without being attached to the results.

Without determining whether some bee, or bird, or termite, deserves its life giving force.

When your moods change, ensure that you are continuously giving during the different stages of your moods.

Whether you are happy or sad, calm or aggressive, as long as you give,

like the tree, your moods will be transient – they are not important –

only your continual giving is important.

And what can you give without replenishing your resources?

Only love does not need to be nurtured by outside forces.

The giving of love continually replenishes itself within you.

Consequently, the giving of love becomes the receiving of love –

flowing from loves own Source.

If you can always act out of love – be love, be loving – you will be loved.

When you come from love – you are life giving to life – just like the tree.

No matter what your mood is when you give love.

Can you remain in a “bad” mood when you give love?

Can you heighten your “good” mood when you give love?

Does your mood really count when you come from love?

Do you need to be in “any” mood to come from love?

When you come from love – love is your mood!

Can you think of any other mood you would prefer to be in?

When you come from love there is no need for mood swings in your relationships.

If love is your mood, then you are always in a “great” mood,

in a “great” relationship with yourself – and with others.

Will that now insulate you from mood swings?

Can you now see yourself in a “great” mood – when you come from love – from soul?

Now that you have had the opportunity to learn,

Practice “coming from love” whenever you have the opportunity to do so.

Goodbye mood swings!

Hello “coming from love”!

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