7. Where Does Fear Come From?

Well if Ego is Fear and Soul is Love, where does Ego/Fear come from?

When you, as a Soul, come from Spirit to the earth plane you selected an embryo to “inhabit”. This selection process is not by chance or by accident, it is a very definitive choice of a Soul contract which we will discuss in another lesson with you.

For now, accept that your Soul, your part of God, infuses itself into a growing embryo in what becomes your mother’s stomach. Providing you, now a Soul with a baby as your physical presence, are born conventionally through your mother’s birth canal or via a caesarian operation, you experience separation for the first time.

You were very comfortable in your mother’s womb surrounded by warmth and love. Then you were brought into a cold bright world surrounded by strange looking things with noise assaulting your ears. After that, some strange thing picked you up, smacked your bottom and you cried.

You felt fearful separated from the warmth and love of the womb into the harsh bright noisy world.

Your Soul now had a partner, your Ego. It was there to protect you by introducing Fear. Fear had its own lookout scout – Doubt. If Doubt did its job properly, Fear could be prepared to come out “guns blazing”.

As your Ego felt more and more separated from its partner, your Soul, so it grew and grew enabling its by-product, Fear, to grow and grow.

Left in your cot, in your pram, in the car alone, in the care of unfamiliar people, all of these separations from the warmth and love created doubt of security, fear of the unknown and the development of protective ego.

Sleeping in your own bed alone – separated from the protection of your parents and siblings, learning to walk, going to play-school, going to “big” school, going on a first date, getting married, having your first child, starting a new job, losing someone valuable to you, getting separated, going through a divorce, all cause doubt and fear to develop to create a protective shell around you, or creating a fight or flight reaction from the fear felt inside you.

Fear is your reaction and response from feeling separated from security of certainty, love and perceived safety. The Soul, being part of God, only knows certainty, love and total safety. God is certainty. God is Love, God is total safety. God is so much more!

When you forget you are part of God, you allow fear to take root and then to grow. When you feel separated from your Soul, from that part of God, you allow Fear to grow.

What is prayer? What is ritual? What is symbolism in a religious context? What is meditation, what is faith? They are all reminders that you are a Soul with a body. That as a Soul you are part of God.

Why is fear so prevalent in so many religions? The people who created these various religions came from Soul, from Love. Other mere mortals who followed them as successors separated the people, their Souls, from the rituals and their beliefs by introducing Fear.

This introduction of ego-based fear empowered the people controlling these religions, their successors, to be omnipotent, all powerful, they made others believe that only they had the ear of God.

They will tell you what to do, how to do it, when to do it and with whom you could do it, and with whom you could not do it. These religious leaders, to maintain and grow their power base, separated people from people, created doubt, fear and insecurity. Religions separated humanity and created power bases which led to divisions, fights, wars, murder, rape and destruction – all acceptable in the name of a religious war. What an oxymoron. Could you have a spiritual war? No way! Where is God? Where is Love? Where is Soul? All there is is Ego, Fear and Hatred in religious condoned wars. Both sides claiming God is on their side. What God of Love would be on any side in a war?

When two religious fanatics face each other with weapons of destruction – what happens to Namaste – The God in me recognizes the God in you.

Where is the Soul, that part of God, in every human being in a religious war?

Religions separate people. When people feel separate they learn to doubt, to fear, to hate, to maim, to kill, to damage and destroy.

Spirituality unites with the understanding that God is Love, that we are all a part of God, we are all One with God – whatever your perception of God is.

Who are you at war with? Who do you feel separate from?

Who are you fearing, hating, maiming, killing, damaging and destroying? Can you understand that we are all One – all part of God who is One. Each of our Souls’ is a part of God. The billions of parts of God when joined together are One. Now you can understand when you are at war with someone, you are really at war with yourself.

So Fear emanates from feeling separate and alone from its partner Soul.

For Fear to be diminished or reduced, ask yourself what are you really afraid of? In most instances that which you are afraid of is a “front”, an acceptable excuse or reason. The real fear lies buried deeper. For example, if your partner has been caught out cheating on you, your fear is that you can’t trust him/her anymore. Is trust the real issue? If, in your ignorance, you had not found out, trust would not have been the issue. The real issue is one of perceived loss. Loss of trust, loss of fidelity, loss of face, loss of marriage, loss of family, loss of a standard of living, loss of companionship, continual loss, continual separateness from your Soul.

Now assume, while this infidelity was going on in your ignorance, your partner dies in an accident, what do you fear now? Loss once again, loss of a spouse, loss of a parent for your children, loss of companionship, loss of a standard of living, loss of physical, emotional and perhaps spiritual support. Fear is based on loss in the case of marital infidelity or accidental death.

That fear of loss will be your continual reality if your thought pattern focuses continually on your loss, your separateness from your Soul, your feeling of being deprived of love.

How can you replace Fear with Love?

Start by realizing you are not Ego with a body, but Soul with a body.

That Soul is Love, your Ego is Fear.

If your partner was unfaithful to you, coming from Ego you have fear, separateness and perceived loss. What have you lost? Someone you can’t trust! Is that a loss or a gain? Who wants to relate to someone you can’t trust? Then why continue a relationship with them? What have you gained? Your freedom to choose yet again or your freedom to stay in the relationship to heal and grow while working on the underlying issues.

With your freedom to choose yet again, this time you will come from love trusting in Spirit that you will find a companion you can trust but first you need to trust yourself. That trust of yourself can only come from unconditional self-love not self-fear or self-hate.

Only when you have unconditional self-love will you attract a companion who also has unconditional self-love. Together you will build a home of love together.

In total honesty, did you have unconditional self-love in the relationship that went into infidelity? In total honesty, did you not have some fear about your relationship? You simply attracted a partner who mirrored that fear in actions of infidelity.

Your fear, and your thoughts of fear, created separateness from your Soul which is pure love. This fear will look for suitable opportunities to play itself out in the physical world.

Picture yourself on a high-wire trapeze. Now continually say to yourself: “I’m going to fall, I’m going to fall.” What do you think is going to happen?

Conversely, picture yourself confidently walking across the trapeze wire into the safety of the platform and guess what will happen?

Your thoughts create your reality.

If you come from Fear, from separateness of your Soul, which is Love, you will create fear and manifest the results of fear which is loss.

If you come from Love, from your Soul, by thinking, saying and doing “What would Love do Now?” then gain is your result.

Fear comes from separateness from your Soul, which is Love.

Love comes from knowing you are your Soul and not your body and especially not your Ego, which is fear based.

Love comes from knowing you, at soul level, are part of God. God is indestructible, undamageable and cannot suffer any form of loss.

You, at Soul level, are indestructible, undamageable and cannot suffer any form of loss – only Ego and resulting Fear can suffer loss.

Simply come from Soul – come from love – know only gain.

Now you can decide, coming from love and not from fear, who do you want your next relationship to be with? Your estranged partner or someone new? Is your estranged partner capable of healing and growing and learning to have self-love bringing that self-love into a union with your new found self-love?

Or, is that a lost cause and it’s time for you to move on finding a new partner who has self-love to bring into a new union with yourself love. Perhaps for a while that new partner will be you.

Providing you come from love, what is there to fear now?

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