59. The Law of Rhythms

Rhythms create renewal and depletion in a continual ongoing cycle. For every high there is a low as the pendulum moves from side to side rhythmically.

Your unconscious reactions and conscious responses determine how you handle the various stages of the cycle emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

By acknowledging the highs but not depleting your energy in over-enthusiasm, you can handle the lows better when depression drains your energy levels. By emotionally detaching from all results by not over investing energy, or under-investing energy, you can walk the middle path in gratitude always and all ways. In this way you can overcome the swings of the pendulum from highs to lows from lows to highs, and so on.

Renewal and depletion are necessary – do not resist them but rather allow them to flow. Have awareness that, as in the Law of Cycles, “This too shall pass”, so benefit from what each stage of the cycle has to offer, as you walk the middle path using your energy efficiently throughout. Inflow balances outflow for maximum performance of energy.

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