60. The Law of Success

When you get your energy flow right you gain success, as success is followed by success. This energy flow becomes successive. When you are experiencing success, you get into a space, a zone, that allows the energy to flow effortlessly without resistance.

This success comes when you believe in yourself, acting in the highest good for everyone, not only yourself, and you are doing the best you can as you stand in your integrity. When your vision is resonated by the vibrations of your thoughts and actions then success will flow.

Success is non definitive. To some people it is to win the highest award achievable in your environment. To others it is to get out of bed successfully as depression tries to pull you back to bed. The meaning of success is unique to each person. It can be measured by the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment you have depending on your expectation levels. True success comes when you empower yourself, and others, achieving the goals you set yourself, as you stand in your integrity during the entire process.

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