58. The Law of Responsibility

Whatever rises will fall and whatever falls will rise again. Change is the only constant.

Responsibility – the ability to respond. Please note, not the ability to react. Responding is a conscious choice, reaction is an unconscious choice.

You are never given anything you need for your healing, growth and evolvement that you can’t handle. Challenges are sent to you to see if you have, or can develop, the ability to respond.

The Universe respects you and honors you with opportunities, sometimes incorrectly seen as problems, to enable you to develop your responsibility – your ability to respond.

You are not responsible for anyone else. Their ability to respond is also being tested. If you respond for them how will they heal, grow and evolve. You dishonor them by responding for them.

Your true responsibility towards others is to empower them by encouraging them to grasp the opportunity presented to them so they have, or develop, their own ability to respond for their own issues.

By taking responsibility for yourself you ensure that you are fit and healthy emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. If you are in that space, fully fit and healthy, and you have surplus energy, then you may help others empower themselves to learn to be responsible.

You are not responsible for protecting people from their feelings. Stand in your integrity and honestly express your feelings as you take responsibility for yourself. By honestly expressing your feelings, you allow others to grow in responsibility as they hear and then feel their reactions and responses to what you are feeling about them.

By taking responsibility do not blame others or project your negative feelings onto others. Take total responsibility for your life.

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