57. The Law of Relativity

In the bigger picture, everything is related and it all fits together like a great mosaic or great jigsaw puzzle. After all, everything is One. When presented with a lesson which appears to be a problem, if the meaning you give it is a victim reaction “Why me, others deserve this not me?” then the reaction you choose may retard your spiritual progress.

If, on the other hand, if the meaning you choose to respond with is “Well this is a tough assignment, when I complete it I will really have grown spiritually”, then your relative choice, made in consciousness, will quickly advance your Soul’s journey towards enlightenment.

Each lesson presented to you is unique for you. It cannot be compared to or judged by anything or anyone else’s position or journey. That judgment or comparison is not relevant to your current situation.

If your approach is “What am I to learn from this and how will it help me grow spiritually?” then the meaning you give it is not in relation or comparison to anyone else.

If you won the lottery, would you say “no that’s not fair, give it to him over there”. If you suffered a bad accident, would you say “no that’s not fair, give it to him over there”?

You get what you need for your healing, growth and evolvement of your Soul on its journey towards enlightenment.

Make your conscious, relative choices from your Soul not your Ego for your spiritual growth.

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