56. The Law of Reincarnation

As a child, if your parents asked you to clean up your room – “It’s a mess!” – and you didn’t, what happened? There were consequences and eventually you were forced to clean up your room. Alternatively, if your parents cleaned up your room for you, well how did that impact on your life when you were older? Did your parents clean up after you made mistake after mistake – even in your middle-age?

If you left the mess, you didn’t clean it up and nor did they, nor did anyone else, how “messy” has your life been as you got older? It’s your mess so you clean it up now – or later!

The Law of Reincarnation allows your Soul to return to earth, in another human body, male or female, rich or poor, well or ill, any specific skin color, religion or intelligence level. This return to earth is to enable you, as your Soul, to resolve any unresolved or incomplete issues from your last, or other previous, lifetimes on earth. Earth is a laboratory where lessons come as experiences. Reincarnation is your Karma’s way of perfecting the lessons your Soul has chosen to learn.

The desire to reincarnate is to repay past debts, to redress imbalances, to increase self-worthiness, to learn about emotional responses, physical sexuality, vulnerability, humility and many other lessons only available to be learnt on the earth plane. In addition to helping others, teaching others, serving others and to show others the way to enlightenment also motivates a Soul’s choice for reincarnation.

Each lesson has as its center the ability to choose love as its solution. The free choice, or free will, in each allows thoughts, words, deeds, actions to manifest into physical reality. Karma is attached to these conscious or unconscious choices.

Reincarnation can be termed “learning to say you are sorry” and putting your words into action – lifetime after lifetime – until you prove it through your actions.

Ultimately, when you are love, become love, become Beloved and Remember and act as the part of God You Really Are, then your need to reincarnate is over and you move onto higher planes within the Universe as you go towards the Light.

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