55. The Law of Reflection

How are you feeling? Remember feelings are the language of the Soul and the Soul always stands in its integrity. So how are you really feeling about yourself? Want a clue?

What reflections of other people and other things are affecting you? When something irritates you about a person or an object identify what is really irritating you about them or it. Now look deep inside yourself and identify that irritation inside of you.

Conversely, when you are with someone who makes you happy to be alive or you see an object you really admire look deep inside yourself to see what it mirrors to you that you like about yourself.

The reflection that you have identified you cannot change in the other person or object. You must change it, if it irritates you, inside of you. If it pleases you, you must enhance it inside of you. You cannot change anyone else – only you. When you look in a mirror and your hair needs brushing, do you brush the hair on your head or the hair in the mirror?

Everything is a reflection if you open your eyes to empowering yourself at Soul level.

Look for the reflections and see what they teach you about you. By wanting to expand your consciousness and choosing to expand your spiritual growth, see the reflections as your continual growth opportunities – see these reflections as fascinating, exciting openings to become Who You Really Are as you strive to Remember you as part of God.

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